Tips for Picky Eaters

Does your child refuse to eat anything besides junk food items? Or would she rather play than eat anything at all?

If children’s nutrition is a sore topic in your household, then you are not alone. Patience and persistence are the two keys for parents to tackle the picky eaters. Parents of these picky eaters need not worry anymore. Just consider the following tips for picky eaters to avoid mealtime battles:

Keep Calm-Make mealtimes enjoyable by creating a positive and calm environment for your child. Make sure that your child does not feel pressurized to eat. Do not get angry or lose patience if she takes time to finish her meal.
Sit at the Table- Always encourage your child to eat her meals while sitting at the dining table as this will help her to understand that when she sits on the table, she is supposed to eat. Moreover, sitting at the dining table will help her to develop the right sitting posture.
Share your Plate- Let your picky eater try food from your plate. Research says that children sometimes prefer to eat what’s on their parents’ plates, as they are aware that their food is different.
Minimize Distractions- Most children can concentrate better when the environment at mealtimes is not distracting. Ensure that when your child is eating; her favourite toy/game should be kept well out of her sight. Also, turn off the T.V. or radio during mealtime.
Stick to a Schedule- If your child eats very little or has no appetite, try to feed her at specific intervals; i.e. within every 3-4 hours. Strictly avoid snacks to encourage complete appetite for your child.
If you eat this, you will be just like..: Children love to act just like their favourite character/cartoon character. So, motivate your child to eat certain healthy food items that will help them to be like their favourite characters.

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