How to Help the Child Who Stammers

Stammering is an age old problem associated with talking that has afflicted many people, especially children. Kids who stammer, present puzzling problems not only to parents but to the teachers as well. It becomes extremely difficult for them to identify the cause(s) behind breaks in fluency of speech and variations on different days. Also, there have been instances when a child faces stammering problem in school, while parents do not observe any such problem at home.

Here are the tips to help child who stammers:

Help the child in all possible ways so as to make her feel normal.
Reduce communication stress by speaking slowly and calmly & by using simple words.
Do not over-react if the child hesitates or repeats the words while talking.
Do not let the child speak if she is crying, injured or upset, to avoid getting stammering response.
Ensure the child that you are listening to her attentively by looking at her, not interrupting her while she talks and accept a certain amount of disfluency in her speech.
If the child wants to know about her stammering, discuss about it in an open, calm and acceptable manner.
If out of frustration, the child stammers, then reassure her by explaining her that sometimes even adults face trouble while talking.
Do not allow anyone to tease, interrupt, imitate or make a mockery of the child’s speech. Instead, encourage a favourable attitude and try to explain the nature of stammering to them.
Strictly do not insist the child not to stammer as this may lead to greater chances to force the words out.
Keep the child away from failing whenever possible as anxiety and distress are amongst the major reasons that cause stammering while speech.

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