Vaccination Decisions – Who Should You Trust?

Vaccination Decisions – Who Should You Trust?

These days, almost all parents trust a pediatrician for their child’s good health. Moreover, in the new era, where the concept of joint families has almost vanished, moms and grandmas live quite far away thus when the child is ill, parents readily prefer to visit a doctor instead of consulting their close ones.  

Furthermore, most of the pediatricians treat children according to what they feel is best suited for that particular child. Nevertheless, when it comes to vaccination, it has been observed that the pediatricians tend to go beyond the suggestions and rather resort to tactics that panics the parents. The words such as “worst case scenario” are frightening for the parents as they are narrated stories of children who have encountered serious complications from childhood illness like measles, mumps, chickenpox etc. However, the instances of those children who recovered from any such disease are never mentioned to the parents. Thus, this creates a pressure of immunizing the child, the results of which might be threatening at times. Therefore, the frightened parent resort to what the doctor has to say and readily go in for vaccination against that particular disease.

Now that you have consulted the doctor, you start reading several books and articles by the doctors who have discovered problems with injections. The books are basically based on years of research on vaccine dangers and do not convey any doctor’s opinion. Statements such as “Vaccines are safe, effective, protective and cause no harm”creates confusion in the minds of the parents as to whether to get their child vaccinated or not.

This brings plenty of questions in the parents’ minds viz.:  Which guidelines should you follow? Which doctor should you trust? etc. To be frank, you as parents should not trust either outrightly, rather follow your intuition.

Every mother knows when her child is not fine even when the child is out of her sight. Now that is the actual intuition which tells a mother that something is wrong with her child, instead when she is crying within looking at her child who is in pain when her child is being vaccinated.  

So parents, it is time to understand and analyse the risks viz. a viz. the benefits of getting your child vaccinated at the right time and only when it is actually required. Do not fall prey to the frightening statements of the pediatricians unless you feel that vaccination is the only possible solution for the good health of your child.  

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