Time Management for Kids

There are days that seem like a year, while there are others that fly by within a blink of an eye. Managing time is such a tricky concept even for the adults, then how can we expect kids to understand the concept of time management? However, it is the duty of the adults, be it parents or teachers to help the children to understand and help them to utilize their time well. Moreover, since kids do not know how to plan and prioritize their tasks according to the level of importance, here is a small time management guide for them:

Start Early: There is no particular time to learn any particular thing. It must be surprising to hear that even little tots can start learning how to manage their time well. This can be accomplished by making it a game like ‘Can you finish putting the toys in the box by the time your favourite rhyme is over?’ etc. Likewise, as children begin to grow they tend to begin to understand time constraints.

Set a Routine: The best way to teach your child how to manage time effectively is to set a routine right from the beginning. Since routines are repetitive therefore, helps children to divide their time according to phases of the day viz.- morning routine, afternoon routine, evening routine, play time etc. Your child begins to follow the set routine on a daily basis and gets accustomed to it.

Organise the Things: Since children imitate what they see around, so as parents it is your duty to be cautious of your actions. Set an example for your children by keeping your things organised such that they also follow the same habit. This is so because when the things are kept in an organised manner and at their right place, it becomes easy and less time-consuming to locate & use them.

Homework Helper: When your child turns into a grown up, encourage her to make a homework chart and jot down the work day-wise i.e. from Monday till Friday, such that she allots substantial time for each subject’s assignment and can spare out time for self-study & play as well. As and when she is done with the homework’s, tell her to put a tick mark next to that work on the homework chart. This habit teaches your child how to keep a track of the work and meet the deadlines within the stipulated period of time.
So, keep a check of the aforesaid points and help your child to learn the art of managing time.

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