Role of parents and teachers in a child’s life

Parents at home and teachers in the school need to work together to groom children to succeed in life. On one hand, the schools need to fulfill their responsibility of preparing the children to become lovable, respectable & responsible individuals of the society. On the other hand, parents need to help the teachers to fulfill this responsibility, by preparing their children at home. This suggests that both teachers & parents play a critical role in providing the foundation for learning.

Parent’s Role

Spare some time from your busy routine and spend quality time with your child.
Seize every opportunity of having heart-to-heart talks with your child. Allow her to talk about her feelings & concerns and how she feels about herself. Make sure that you listen attentively and ask lots of “why” and “how” questions.
Create a loving home environment where your child can express her thoughts freely and concentrate on studies.
Pay attention to what your child loves to do. Find out her likings & disliking and encourage her to be passionate about her interests.
Involve your child into different activities which do not require great investment in terms of time or money. For instance, make a Memory Box with your child to help her recall about time spent with her grandparents. Go for a cycle ride with your child and strengthen the bonding.
Inform the teacher very honestly about the child’s behavior and work at home.
Teacher’s Role

Develop & nurture teamwork skills in your students by providing them with enough opportunities to work in groups, in the classroom.
Recognize the worth of each child. Always encourage & praise the children whenever they do something good.
Give respect and love to the students and treat them with dignity. Also, be helpful and sympathetic, humorous and lovable.
Make tests fun and interesting learning experience for your students. Apart from taking the test in the regular question-answer manner, conduct a fun quiz competition in the classroom, at the end of every month. Ask questions on the basis of the home assignments and classroom exercises that you gave them during the entire
Give the children valuable assignments that are interesting, interactive and engaging for them. Explain the objective of the home assignment clearly in the class, so that the children thoroughly understand the basic aim & concept of the homework.

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