Choose a right pre-school for your child

As soon as a child turns 2, parents start thinking of right preschool for their children. With so many preschools opening day by day, it becomes confusing for parents to choose the right pre-school for their child. This decision becomes one of the most difficult situations for the parents as a preschool serves as the foundation for a child’s success throughout her life.

So, before your child turns 2, make sure that you go through the following pointers to select the best & right pre-school for your child.

The school should be near to your home, so that your child does not feel stressed and does not have to travel long distances at such a small age.
It should be managed by a team of well-educated & knowledgeable professionals with the right aptitude and love for children.
The school should have an established brand and a good reputation in the city.
The infrastructure should be child friendly and proper hygienic standards should be maintained in the school.
School should focus on the overall growth & development of the child.
Teachers should be qualified & experienced. They must have a loving & caring attitude towards the children.
The food should be prepared hygienically and it should be simple because simpler & healthy meals are much better and safer than complicated, fried junk foods, where there is a chance of contamination.

You make your own checklist according to your expectations and priorities. Moreover, if possible talk to the parents of alumni of preschools on their overall satisfaction with the preschool. Also, talk to the teachers in senior schools as to which preschool’s children tend to be selected in their schools.

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