The Top 10 Fun Things for Parents and Toddlers to Play With

Roll the Ball- Kids love to play with a ball. So, the basic game that you can play with your toddler using a ball is to sit on the floor with your baby, both on different ends of the room. Now roll the ball towards your baby and then tell her to roll it back towards you.
Stack the Blocks- Together with your child stack the blocks and build towers. Help her with stacking the blocks and make her as high a tower as she wants to. If any block falls, then let her pick it up on her own and say ‘come-on, let’s make it again!’ to encourage her.
Play Knob Puzzles- Kids enjoy playing with puzzles, especially knob puzzles that are one of the basic forms of puzzles, apt for toddlers to play. So, buy plenty of knob puzzles viz. alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables etc. for your child and let her play with them.
Make Sand Castles- Since children love to mess around while free-play, so what could be better than playing with sand. Buy variety of plastic cups, buckets, spades, funnels etc. and together with your child make sand castles of different sizes and shapes.
Beat the Drum- Music lures children especially the beats of the drum. So, get plastic drums, one each for your toddler & yourself. Now, beat the drum and your child will surely imitate you and do the same with her drum as well. Keep on doing the same and hear her make some interesting music.
Playdough Fun- Since colours attract children, so provide colourful playdough to your toddler and let her use her creativity to make different objects. However, to ensure safety and avoid the chance of her inhaling the smell of the usual playdough, buy scented playdough for your child. Also, make sure that your child does not swallow the playdough as it is quiet soft & is harmful for her health.
All the aforesaid games develop motor skills both fine as well as gross motor skills. So, play these fun games with your little one while she develops her skills.

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