The Top 10 Interactive Games for Parents and their Toddlers

Almost all toddlers feel a sense of security and contentment when their parents show great interest in their explorations. So, a game that will help to build and enhance the level of security of the toddlers with that of their parents is shadow your child. So, follow your child wherever she goes and act like her shadow.

One of the most famous game that you must have also played during your childhood is to bend down on your knees and hands to pretend like a horse and follow your little one all around the house. Your toddler will surely have loads of fun to have your around acting just like her.

Kids love to see bubbles both big and small. So, keep a variety of different bubble pipes and bubble wands &blow the bubbles of different sizes and let your toddler try to catch them all. However, make sure that your child does not take hold of the bottle comprising of the bubbles’ solution as there are likely chances that she might drink it, which is hazardous.

Let’s play peek-a-boo! Keep on playing variations of peek-a-boo with your child, even though you may have been playing this evergreen game for a couple of years already!

Hold your little one firmly in your arms and spin around two to three times, while simultaneously singing “I spin my baby around and around!” now, slowly and gradually slow down your speed of spinning to regain the body balance.

Firmly hold your child in your lap just like an infant and roll her up and down, towards your face and over & over again, respectively. This movement will make you feel like you are lifting weights and your toddler shall surely love and laugh over this game.

Clap-clap-clap your hands is another simple yet an interesting game that your child will surely love to play. Since your toddler can open her hands wide open but it may take her time before she claps independently. So, till then, hold her hands and clap them together for her, or let her hold your hands while you pat them together.

Push me, pull you is yet another fun toddler game that will help your child to pull herself up and practice with a push-pull game. Let your child take the support of an object that is stable and firm such as a plastic box filled with soft toys etc. While she holds the edges of the box for support, you can be rest assured that the box shall remain stable. Then slowly, pull the box towards you to encourage her to step forward.

Put your toddler in your arms on the bed and then roll her from left to right while singing, “Sailing..sailing..over the ocean blue.” It will be easier to play this game if you are lying down and you roll your child towards the left and then towards the right side along with singing the song.

Children love to hear different sounds. Toddlers love funny words like “zap” and “pop”.So, make funny sounds with your child. You can do this by reading books or listening CD’s that help you with the same.

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