How to dress your child appropriately

Do you have to roam around your child to dress up her? Want to know how to dress your child appropriately? This article will help to resolve your problem.

First and foremost, you need to know that learning to dress your child requires 3P’s- ‘Patience’, ‘Persistence’ & ‘Practice’ for both you and your child. Listed below are a few tips on how to dress your child appropriately:

Dress your child according to her age.
Choose comfortable clothes for your child that does not restrict her movement.
Choose clothes for your child that suits her personality, wearing which she feels confident and gets a feel good factor.
Buy loose, elastic waist pants for small kids as they cannot manage zips & buttons.
Prefer to choose clothes with velcro or large buttons & buttons holes, for kids elder than toddlers.
Dress her appropriately as per the weather. For instance, during peak summer season, dress your child in airy clothes, preferably cotton clothes with long sleeves and full length pants. During winters, dress your child in layers of clothes to help her stay warm & to keep the moisture away from her skin.
Dress your child according to the occasion. A ruffled dress for baby girl or a miniature suit for a baby boy will make a good choice for special occasions such as a birthday party, wedding ceremony etc. While, day-to-day baby clothing should be easy & casual.
Dress your child thinking about what activities she will be doing during the entire day. Like will she remain active the whole day or move at a steady & leisurely pace etc.
Buy trendy clothes for your little one. You can also opt for mix ‘n’ match concept to have a variety of clothing options, which will be cost-effective as well.
Make sure that you choose comfortable footwear of right size for your child.

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