You Can Teach Your Child How to Swim

Want to make learning to swim a natural part of your child’s life? Adhere to the following points to make this experience both enjoyable as well safe for your child:

Make sure that the water is at the right temperature for your child. You can check this if after gently rubbing the water over your child’s skin, she smiles back at you. Beware of all water hazards and keep rescue equipment such as a plastic ring, a reaching pole, a first-aid kit etc. handy.
Dress your child in a swim suit to prevent leakage of fecal matter in the water.
Set a time limit for her to stay in the water. Do not force her to stay inside water for more than 5-7 minutes in the starting.
Avoid teaching your child how to swim when the sunlight is at its peak. Also, always use an appropriate sunscreen suitable for your child’s skin.
Do not leave your child alone in the water.
Teach her how to be comfortable and remain at ease while putting her face in the water. Show how to blow bubbles and hold her breathe by allowing her to practice it in the tub or pool.
Once your child gets comfortable in the water, hold her hands firmly and help her to stand in the water.
Teach your child to float and help her learn how to kick.
Always be enthusiastic, happy and full of excitement to make it a joyous teaching-learning experience.
Try to swim at least three days a week to achieve the best results.

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