How To Make Balloon Plants

Making Balloon Plants is a wonderful activity!
You can also use them to give as gifts, or to make at parties. Kids love making them and you will enjoy watching your new plant grow:)

1. Hold a balloon firmly by the neck. The neck is the long part. Use a funnel, and pour 1/2 cup of dirt into the balloon. Don’t turn the balloon over. (Try to find clear balloons to use.)

2. Keep holding the balloon by the neck. Add about 1/4 cup of water through the funnel. Be sure the soil in the balloon is wet. It shouldn’t be soggy, though.

3. Use the funnel to drop the radish seeds into the balloon. Don’t turn the balloon over.

4. If the balloon is dirty, wipe it carefully with a washcloth.

5. Now you’re ready to blow up your balloon! Keep holding it gently by the neck. Now carefully blow air into the balloon. You need to keep the balloon from tipping.

6. Tie a knot in the neck to keep the air in the balloon. Tie a ribbon around the knot.

7. Tie the balloon to a hook or other place near a window. The neck should be the top.

8. Your balloon plant is ready to begin growing!

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