Tips to Teach Life Skills to your Child

With growing children, the toughest part for the parents is when they are unable to understand when complicated situations arise or they do not know why a particular situation arose and how to handle it in the correct way. This happens due to lack of presence of basic life skills in them that creates a vacuum between them and their parents. It is here that the importance of imparting life skills to the children comes into picture.

Thus, besides academic skills, life skills are equally important for the holistic development of your child. So, if you want to teach life skills to your child, simply adhere to the following tips:

Start with basic life skills such as teach her to brush her teeth, dress-up herself, comb her hair, eat and drink on her own etc.
Teach your child to remember her full name, address and phone number. Also, teach her how to make a phone call during an emergency situation.
Help her build good & effective communication skills to enable her to express herself both verbally and non-verbally. Tell her to speak politely and encourage her to be a good listener as well.
Teach your child to respect elders and always greet them properly.
Help her to socialize and make new friends by allowing her to interact with other children in the neighbourhood and at school.
Teach your child to be helpful by extending a helping hand to her friends at the time of need. Tell her to always give honest opinions and feedbacks to her friends.
Inculcate sharing habits in your child so as to enhance the chances of bonding with others, especially children of her age.
Teach her that honesty is the best policy. Always motivate and encourage her to speak the truth under all circumstances.
Help your child to build thinking, problem solving and decision making skills through role-play and activity methods.
Help her to prevent violent behaviour by telling her that such behaviour will be a threat to herself and others around her as well. Let her vent out her anger or frustration by giving her an acceptable physical outlet like punching a beanbag or writing reverse counting on a paper etc.

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