Things to Consider When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Choosing the right name for your baby is an extremely serious and important endeavour. After all, it will stick to her throughout her life. So, there are certain things that you should consider when choosing your baby’s name:

Before you think of and choose a name, make sure that it sounds good with your last name.
Decide whether you want a traditional, popular or a unique name for your baby.
Think of as many names as possible and brainstorm to create a list of names, from which you can choose upon the final name.
Use a variety of sources and look through the dictionary (check for the meaning of the name in bilingual terms), surf on the internet, search in books and magazines, catalogues of baby names etc. Further, consult your family members and friends to suggest a name for your baby.
Think about personal meaning when choosing a name for your child, to help install strength, confidence, value and a sense of pride in your child’s name.
Opt for a creative, eye-catching and different name for your baby. This implies that the name you choose should neither be too common nor too unique.
Make sure that the name you choose should be short, precise and easily pronounceable.
Choose a name that you like when you say it out loud.
Do not choose a name for your baby with unusual spelling and pronunciations that can create problems later on.
Consider if your baby will end-up getting a nickname based on the name you choose.

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