Tips to Prepare your Child for School

Some children are hesitant and reluctant when they are asked to go to any new place and meet new people, without their parents besides them. One of the most difficult situations is to prepare the children for the school. Since starting school can be a difficult time for children, it is important for parents to understand and help the children to prepare for this new phase of life.

Listed below are a handful of tips to prepare your child for school:
Tell your child well in advance, at least 1-2 weeks before starting school that her routine life will be changed.
Tell her about the school timings and the schedule she will follow, so that she gets accustomed to the timings.
Talk to her about her feelings such as excitement, anxiety & other concerns about starting the school.
Together with your child, visit the school, before the school starts officially & show her the positive aspects of the school.
Let her meet her new teacher & see her classroom to get familiarized with the new surroundings.
Ensure that your child sleeps well in time at night and has at-least eight hours of sleep.
Wake-up your child well in time, such that she does not have to rush to the school.
Make sure that she brushes her teeth, takes a bath and do other regular hygiene chores so as to feel fresh while at school.
Tell her not to skip her breakfast and milk, before leaving for school due to her anxiousness.
Leave a loving note in your child’s lunchbox to remind her that she is being missed while she is at school.
Reassure her that in case any problem arises at the school, you will be there to resolve them.
Once she gets back from the school, on the first day, talk to her about her experience. Tell her to give you the feedback of the entire day.

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