Tips to keep your child safe at home

Safety concerns are relevant for every individual ranging from a small child to a grown-up adult. However, the only difference is that small children have a care-free attitude, whereas adults are conscious and alert enough towards their safety concerns. Due to this reason, adults are more concerned about the safety of the children. Moreover, the safety concerns increase when the child is at home-a place where she spends most of her time.

If safety is a cause of concern for your child, simply follow the tips listed below to keep your child safe at home:

Make sure that you know where your child is at all times.
Know your child’s friends and clearly instruct her not to go to any strangers house alone.
Get actively involved in your child’s activities.
Have child-proof locks and doors in your home.
Discourage your child from digging in the dustbin. Keep it covered and at a safe distance from the children.
Ensure that you do not leave things ideal on the floor like small toys and other objects such as coins, marbles, buttons etc. that can pose choking hazards to your baby.
Restrict your child from climbing on the window shelves or any high surface, to avoid getting hurt. Use toughened glass instead of the ordinary glass for the windows.
Never leave hanging cords; unplugged items when not in use and store those that are used, keep cords wrapped tightly with a twist tie.
In toilets, use a special child seat for your baby, so that she can keep her balance more easily. Keep the toilet seat closed.
Store cleaning fluids in locked cabinet out of your child’s sight.

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