Role-Play Activities for Kids

Activities are a wonderful way for kids to learn how learning can be fun. Role-play is an excellent way to let your child use her creativity and imagination to the best of her knowledge. Choose from amongst any of the following role play activities for your kids, to create the scenes at your home!

Its school time: Kids love pretending to be teachers and act like their favourite teachers. Let your child write a register of her class and pretend to take attendance and mark present or absent. Give her a chalkboard and colourful chalks to enact like a teacher does.
Let’s play doctor-doctor: Buy a doctor set for your child and pretend to be a patient. Let her be the doctor and her friend as the nurse. Tell her to check the heartbeats using a stethoscope, prescribe medicines etc.
Time to cook something: Role-playing cooking game will help to teach your child the benefits of cooking and learn this unique art with zeal and enthusiasm. It is a fun way for both boys and girls to bond with family and friends.
Let’s construct a building: Let your child make buildings with blocks, cushions, books, other household items etc.
What would you like to eat? : Allow your child to make a menu and play restaurants with chefs and waiters. This can include taking the table booking, taking your order from the menu, cooking/chopping (or helping you cook), laying the table, serving the food etc.
Its shopping time:Pretend shops can be grocery stores, ice cream parlours, etc. Have your child put prices on items and turn it into a great way for her to learn counting and teach the value of money.

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