How can Kids have Fun without Toys

Kids are found busy doing something or the other every now and then. One of the best and cost-effective ways to keep them away from doing any mischief is to provide them with child-friendly items to keep the little hands and minds busy.

Read on to know about the items you already have in the house, that will help kids have fun without toys.

Playdough fun- Mix salt and flour in a plastic bowl. Add water and food colouring slowly until a smooth dough is formed. Knead the dough until the mixture is not sticky anymore and becomes elastic. Roll the dough out onto a flat surface evenly. Use cookie cutters to cut different shapes and have fun!
Paper Bag Puppets- Lay a paper bag flat with the open end facing towards you and the flap showing upwards. Cut pictures from old newspapers or magazines and stick them on the folded paper. Use art supplies like crayons, pencil colours, paints etc. to make it more creative and attractive. Have fun while making paper bag puppets and stage a puppet show!
Paper Balls- Hold the waste paper in your hand. Use one or both the hands to crush the paper together. Compact the paper even more by squeezing it together as hard as you can. Handover the paper ball to your child and let her do whatever she wants to do with the ball like play throw and catch, play bat-ball, drop the ball in the bucket etc.
Make a Puzzle- Stick your child’s favourite picture like her favourite cartoon character, food item etc. on a cardboard and let it dry. Lay the picture upside down facing downwards. Use a safety scissors to cut the picture. Now, scramble the puzzle pieces and let your child enjoy putting the puzzle back together again.

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