Hot Summer Fun in the Sun

Summers are here and most of us are faced with the question of what to do with all that time in hand? What to do to entertain our little ones and how to engage their curious minds and active bodies?

Summer give you an opportunity to make sure that your child stay busy and happy. Moreover, summer can be a great time for you to spend quality time with your child, experience new things, grow in different directions and spend some fun time together as a family. This is the best time of any year when your child is at break and you are at ease because you do not have to get them ready in the morning for school bus or worry about their class tests or pending home assignments etc.

So, this summer follow these ideas to make your child feel special and properly channelize her energy & time while having fun during the summers-

Ask your child to create a canopy, make a tree swing, make a scarecrow or create a collage out of old magazines and keep your child busy with these activities.
Encourage your child to watch the sunrise, make a card for a friend, go stargazing, bead some bracelets and sell them for charity etc.
Search for the best camps happening around your city like adventure camps, arts camp, aerobics & dance camps and sports camps and enroll her to a summer camp.
Plan a short weekend break to a nearby hill-station, beach or resort and give your child an exciting holiday for her memories.
Celebrate summers in cool style by preparing cold snacks, fruit snacks or vegetable sandwiches with your child and make variety of salads etc.
Play a variety of indoor games like scrabble, chess etc. to increase your child’s vocabulary and thinking power.
Plan for some outdoor games in the evening like volleyball, cricket and lemon spoon race etc. that will build your child’s stamina and keep her physically fit.
Watch the all-time favourite movies with your little ones. Try out some famous movies like Mighty Raju Rio Calling, Rio 2, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Toy Story (series) and Lion King etc..
Do lots of day trips with your child and create life time memories. Take her to museums, planetariums, historical monuments, amusement parks, nearby Zoos and Malls.
Get a variety of Word Search Books, Puzzles, Sudoku, Tangrams and Ruby Cubes etc. for your child
Get the colourful books and encourage her to read aloud.
Encourage your child to take up a sport of her interest such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, horse riding etc.
So, summer is about having fun. Whatever your child does, let her enjoy it and always think that by doing this; she will gain something for herself. Just stay positive and productive, whether in the house, outdoors or anywhere. Try to learn new things and live life to the fullest.

Wishing you Happy Summers with your child!

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