Vaccination Reactions and Alternative Medicine

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, the choice either way can be a very volatile one. Vaccinations can cause a broad spectrum of minor symptoms to lifelong elusive diseases and even death. The same can be true from not being vaccinated.
The more you study both sides of the issue the more you see a lose-lose scenario. The good news is the benefits of Homeopathy can turn this lose-lose scenario into a win-win scenario for everybody.
The perplexion over vaccination has resulted in a new mental condition called “vaccination anxiety”.


Acute vaccination reactions usually take place within seven days of the vaccination. The symptoms include paralysis, convulsions, nausea, dangerously high fevers, chronic nervous system disorders, acute brain inflammations (encephalitis), diarrhea, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, permanent brain damage, and death. Doctors are required by law to inform parents of the numerous side effects associated with vaccination.

On the other hand, not immunizing can cause equally if not more devastating diseases. The parents must also face the grief and guilt that may come from the choices they made. Then follows the legal issues including the potentials of losing all their children to the state and even imprisonment. This may seem radical yet it has happened.

Routine questions heard in our offices are, “Should I have my children vaccinated?” or “What do you think of vaccination?” These and other related questions could pose a potentially volatile position for the doctor, a well meaning friend, and especially the parents. What if you say, “Don’t do it” or “I wouldn’t do it” and the person ends up with the disease? Or do you say, “Do it” or “I would do it,” and they end up with a related problem from the immunization? There are numerous legal, emotional, and ethical effects involving everybody.

Another common question is whether homeopathy can be used as a safe alternative to vaccination. Although this idea has some promising potentials and has been used in a limited number of people, this practice is clearly illegal in the United States. According to the FDA, more research is definitely required over time to safely establish this practice. Besides being illegal, this practice of homeopathic immunization alternative could be quite volatile if the outcome is not totally positive.

THE WIN-WIN SOLUTION King Bio’s VaccinoPlex

King Bio’s VaccinoPlex formula can be safely and easily used to prevent and effectively correct the common side effects of immunizations. King Bio’s VaccinoPlex turns a lose-lose scenario into a win-win solution. The patient, the parents, the doctor and everyone involved end up in the safest, healthiest position.


When you know vaccinations are going to happen, take 3 days before vaccinations and 1 or 2 weeks after vaccinations 2 or 3 times a day.
If reactions have occurred, I recommend taking it 6 to 8 times a day. Usually symptoms will be negated in 1 to 3 days.

King Bio’s VaccinoPlex formula has commonly shown positive for those more elusive chronic conditions common to our society. This formula has played a significant role helping both children and adults with ADD, hyperactivity, chronic viral infections, swollen glands, allergies, skin problems and other immune and neurological disorders.

The Bio-Response Test, (BRT) can be used by the customer to confirm whether he needs this product and when it has fully done its job. You may also use this quick and easy procedure to determine additional homeopathic formulas personally needed. The pocket procedural manual called Making Homeopathy Easy, by Dr. King, explains these procedures.

Parents can rest in having the blessing of both worlds. You don’t have political, medical, educational or legal battles to fight. You won’t have that underlying grief or guilt wondering if you made the right decision for your children or your customers’ children. You can walk in a greater level of peace with a win-win decision. Homeopathy provides a pleasant alternative in a world where there are so many unanswered questions and uncertainties.

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