Top Healthy Food Items to Satisfy Your kids’ Sweet Tooth

Kids crave for sugary sweet food items. But there are plenty of healthy food alternatives to the sugary snacks. Parents must ensure that they feed their kids with healthy & nutritious sweet food items so as to instill good and healthy eating habits throughout their life, thus avoiding calories intake that are low on nutritional value.

Here is the list of top healthy food items to satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth:

Fruits- One of the most healthiest and natural source that can help satisfy sweet cravings is to have fruits. To ensure a healthy balanced diet for your kids, feed them with fruits whenever they feel an urge to eat something sweet.
Yogurt- Another healthy option to satisfy the sweet tooth craving is to consume yogurt sweetened with real fruit preserves, 1 teaspoon of honey or jam.
Sugar-flavoured Syrups- Use these to flavour milk, cold coffee, lemonade or protein shakes for a sweet and calorie-free beverage. Help your child with a serving of one of the several varieties of syrups in yummy flavours like vanilla, orange, lemon, roohafza, etc.
Smoothies- Toss some fruit, yogurt and juice into a blender with some ice cubes. Experiment with different flavour combinations until you find your kids’ favourites.
Popsicles- Make your own popsicles with fruit juice or use some of your smoothie mix. You can also buy sugar-free or 100 percent juice popsicles available ready-made.
Sugar-free Puddings- Either buy pre-made sugar-free puddings or make on your own. Pudding can be a good source of calcium, as well as a creamy, sweet treat for your little one.

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