Tips for Creative Kids’ Parties on a Penny Budget

The most exciting event for any child is to celebrate her birthday and every birthday is incomplete without a party.

To have the best creative kids’ party organised on a penny budget, it is imperative to plan the party in a systematic manner. Moreover, it is advisable to write down all the ideas and plans on a paper. Also, encourage active participation of your child by taking her inputs as to what kind of a party she would like, who all she wishes to invite etc.

Here are the top 10 tips to organise creative kids’ parties on a penny budget:

Organise the party at home, instead of outside.
Depending upon the weather, you can even organise the kids’ party in a nearby park that will offer plenty of space for free-play.
Fix a budget for the kids’ party and try to stick to it.
Limit the guest list by inviting your child’s close friends and family only.
Instead of splurging on expensive party invites, send e-invites or invite via phone calls.
Bake the birthday cake instead of buying one.
Organise the kids’ party in between lunch and dinner to save on the food costs.
Think of party of games yourself instead of having a child’s entertainer.
Instead of giving away individual return gifts, put all the gifts in a khoyi bag and burst it towards the end of the party.
Decorate brown paper bags with colourful ribbons & papers to give them the look & feel of unique yet creative party bags.

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