The Top 10 Ways to Jump-Start Your Toddler’s Education

Parents of the fast-growing and fast-learning toddlers need to pull-up their socks and brace themselves to give a jump-start to their toddler’s education. It is suggested that the parents should create a structured home learning environment for kids aged one to five years so as to help them manage their preschool days easily.

Spend quality time with your child for both play as well as learning activities.
Show your excitement for learning by getting actively involved in your child’s activities. Adopt learn-while play philosophy so as to make learning interesting and engaging for your toddler.
Create a positive learning environment at home and help your toddler excel in different spheres of life by instilling a love of learning through several active play and learn methods.
Read aloud and share stories with your child every day to teach her about communication, build listening, memory and vocabulary skills & stimulate her imagination.
Use music to help your child memorize as music will leave a positive impact on her brain’s growth in the upcoming years. Ensure that you play all sorts of music for her to learn and have fun at the same time.
Use educational CD’s of popular rhymes, alphabet and number songs to help your child learn the basic concepts in the most fun and interesting way.

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