Giving Grandchildren A Great Time

All through ups & downs, grandparents keep the family close at heart. Children bond well with their grandparents and look up to them because of their unconditional love, warmth & the quality time they spend together. Moreover, the presence of grandparents in the lives of grandchildren help children to become aware of the strength and guidance older people can offer.Grandparents are the greatest storytellers whose special love and care for their grandchildren sets them apart. Grandparenting is an opportunity to play, to unconditionally love and appreciate the magic of a developing mind.

Share things that you love to do with your grandchildren.
See the world through the younger eyes and learn about things that excites the young minds.
Extend support and encouragement to your grandchildren.
Make an effort to enjoy leisure time with your grandchildren.
Get involved in hobbies and activities that your grandchildren love.
Communicate about the family history or instances of what they use to do when you were your grandchildren’s age.
Seek active participation in the grandchild’s school life like pick ‘n’ drop to school, help in doing homework etc.
Thus, by following the aforesaid tips, the widening generation gap between the grandparents and the grandchildren can be bridged, hence paving way for opportunities and ways to connect and build a strong bond between them.

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