Express Your Joy with Baby Gifts

The best way to express your happiness and share fun & excitement on the arrival of the bundle of joy is to present baby gifts to the family. Amongst so many gifts of congratulations to share the joy of the new born baby, you might wish to gift something that is uniquely different yet useful for the baby. Here is a list of baby gift items you can opt for to express your joy to welcome the new born.

To express your joy with baby gifts, you can:

Present useful items meant for baby’s daily use such as bibs, tumblers, napkins, feeder bottles, rattlers, pacifiers, pillows, sheets etc.
Give gifts with sentimental values attached to them like handmade pullovers, a pair of socks, frock (for a baby girl), baby suit (for a baby boy) etc.
Purchase a baby bathtub along with items viz. mild baby soap, gentle baby shampoo, baby top to toe wash, baby powder etc. which are safe for baby use.
Present unique personalised gifts such as a quilt with baby’s name embroidered on it, baby’s first day picture framed along with that of the parents etc.
Give a variety of toys such as soft toys, colourful toys, musical toys (rattlers, chimes etc.)
Purchase new-born size baby clothes, booties, mittens, etc.
Buy a larger gift such as a baby cot, pram, stroller etc.
Give baby gift hampers or vouchers that are good and viable options.
You can opt for any of the aforesaid baby gift items to express your joy on the home-coming of the newly born baby.

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