Dengue Awareness Conference by Godrej: “Subah Bolo GoodKnight”

An interactive seminar the view to spread awareness about the “Dengue Menace and the various preventive measures and tips to curb the Dengue virus in schools and our houses” was organized by The Godrej Group. The event which was held on the 1st October, 2015, was attended by the industry giants, experts, thinkers and leaders.

Mr. Amol Arora, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, SHEMROCK AND SHEMFORD Group of Schools, also contributed his words of wisdom on the occasion. He spoke about the preventive measures and precautions that can help all the masses to safeguard the children from the dengue infection. A special Dengue Awareness Report was also unveiled on the occasion by the eminent guests like Mr. Amol Arora, Mr.Sunil Kataria, Ms. Komal Ganotra and Dr. AS Vasudev.

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