Breastfeeding How-To’s – These Simple Tips Will Help You Learn How To Breastfeed With Ease

One of the most wonderful feelings that a mother experiences during her motherhood is to breastfeed her newly born child. Since breastfeeding is essential for the new born babies, so to ease the process for mothers to give important nutrients necessary for their child’s growth, given below are certain tips.

Before enumerating the tips, here are is a list of a few must have breastfeeding care items:

Nursing bras
Nursing tops and camisoles
Nursing pillows
Breast pads
Bottle of Lansinoh Lonolin lotion
Baby sling
Simple tips that will help you learn how to breastfeed with ease:

– Hold your baby in the cradle position either on a chair or on the bed in a sitting posture. Make sure your back is straight and your arms & back are supported comfortably.

– Put a normal soft pillow or the nursing pillow on your lap for the comfort of the baby such that her & your tummy touches each other.

– Rest your baby’s head on either of the elbow bends, depending upon from which nipple you want to start breastfeeding your newly born; first.

– Ensure that her mouth is directly in front of your nipple, thus making it easy for her to be fed.

– Support your baby’s head and back with one hand and use the other hand to hold your breast, if required.

Moreover, a baby should never go beyond 3 hours without breastfeeding. Therefore, every new born baby is supposed to be breast fed about 8-12 times per 24 hours. Also, ensure that each nursing should last for minimum 10-15 minutes, depending upon your baby to be full. It is advisable that you should start breastfeeding without any delay after the birth your child.

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