SHEMROCK- Best Play School Franchise Option: Choose Top Preschool Franchise in India

Want to run a successful Play school franchise in India with low investment and high returns?

Become a part of the No. 1 play school franchise that has provided business opportunities to lakhs of entrepreneurs in the past 30 years

SHEMROCK Group of Preschools - Best Playschool Franchise Option: Choose Top Preschool Franchise in India

What is a Play School Franchise Business?

A school franchise business is when an individual - the franchisee - joins hands with a brand of preschools - the franchisor - by paying a nominal fee and getting permission to open and run a school with the brand's support.

Understanding the concept of franchise

The franchise concept is straightforward and is a win-win situation for both the franchisor and the franchisee. The franchisee pays Royalty to the franchisor and receives franchise support and guidance on how to start and operate a school. The idea of franchising in the preschool industry was introduced by SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools in the year 1989 when its demand started skyrocketing in the early childhood education industry and it was getting difficult to cater to the rising demand and ensure quality education for all.

Benefits of opting for a play school franchise chain in India

When you start your own play school, preschool and daycare - you have to handle all aspects of the business by yourself, which is not easy. It becomes more work and high risk. Building a brand from scratch is challenging. Not only this, you bear greater initial investment for the establishment as you don't benefit from the established system and resources. When you sign a franchise agreement, not only do you get comprehensive franchise support and training, but also the trust and reputation of an already successful brand, which attracts parents more easily. 

Factors to consider before choosing a preschool franchise

Owning a playgroup or preschool franchise means the best possible start in the field of education,  but choosing the right preschool franchise is very important. Many well-established pre-schools offer franchise options,  but you should do your homework properly. Ensure there are no hidden costs, especially when the brand is offering the franchise at a very low-cost. There is no such thing as cheap and best. Understand in advance what all does the franchise support includes. Make an informed decision and help your business thrive. 

How to Choose and Partner with the Best Preschool Franchise in India?

Researching top preschool franchise options

Entering into the education franchise business requires thorough research beforehand. Look for reputed brands that provide high-quality education and holistic development for children. Whether you are looking for a Montessori or a daycare franchise, it should have positive reviews from parents and a proven track record of success in childhood care and education. Shortlist franchise options that have a strong brand presence and align with your vision and business goals. 

Evaluating franchise opportunities in the education sector

Entrepreneurs interested in opening a franchise should first investigate and evaluate the opportunities that come along with owning a preschool franchise. Assess the teaching methods, training programs, curriculum materials, marketing support and operational assistance provided. Consider the financial aspects such as initial investment of INR , royalty fees and potential return on investment. Have a word with the existing franchisees to get an insight into their experiences and the kind of support they receive. 

Key criteria for selecting the right pre school franchise

Selecting the right preschool franchise requires careful Consider the franchise agreement terms, along with the duration, the renewal policies and restrictions, if any. Choose a brand with a strong presence and nationwide network, ensuring that the franchise can operate successfully in your area. 

What are the Franchise Opportunities in the Pre-school Franchise Sector?

Exploring low investment options for a leading pre-school franchisee

Choose franchisors that offer a balance of cost-effectiveness and strong brand reputation. Any international level brand that offers comprehensive support and high success rate at an affordable price is good enough. Don't fall for brands that offer franchise options at low prices as they are bound to have some hidden charges that will be revealed later. Look for value for money. 

Understanding the potential growth in preschools in India

With urbanization and increased standard of living in families, the demand for preschools offering quality early childhood education is increasing. As more and more mothers are joining the workforce, there is an ever-increasing demand for trustworthy preschool brands that parents can rely on.  Education is a recession-free sector and every child deserves to receive quality education. You can open a preschool franchise in India without any background and earn a good income while enjoying a work-life balance.

How to Start Your Own Preschool Franchise?

Nurturing a high-quality preschool education centre that promises all-round development of children

When you take our franchise, you are not alone nor do you have to reinvent the wheel. As a SHEMROCK franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide you the staff with the right training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available international concepts and have fine-tuned tools you will need to ensure your success in the project. 

Importance of teacher training in a preschool franchise

It is important to keep the teachers updated with the changing times. As a SHEMROCK franchise owner, your teachers will get comprehensive training in our proven curriculum and system which we are proud of.

Choose SHEMROCK - India's Leading Chain of preschools

Why grab SHEMROCK preschool franchise opportunity?

What makes SHEMROCK the best preschool chain in India?

SHEMROCK is one of India’s 1st Playschool Chains, which is credited with revolutionising the concept of early childhood education since 1989, by pioneering a vibrant and child-friendly system of learning. For more details like

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a play school franchise cost?

The total cost for a SHEMROCK franchise, including the franchise fee and other expenses like furniture, educational materials, and marketing, generally ranges from Rs. 6-12 lakhs. This comprehensive investment ensures a well-established setup and smooth operation of the school.

What is the budget of play school?

A detailed budget for a play school should include costs for infrastructure (Rs. 5-6 lakhs), franchise fee, staff salaries, marketing, and ongoing operational expenses. Ensuring a proper financial plan helps in maintaining the school’s operations efficiently.

How do I start a successful play school?

To start a successful play school:
– Develop a business plan
– Secure a suitable location
– Ensure a child-friendly environment with appropriate safety measures
– Recruit qualified staff
– Promote your school effectively
– Follow SHEMROCK’s structured training and support program

How to run a play school successfully?

Successful management involves maintaining high educational standards, continuous staff training, engaging with parents, and regularly updating the curriculum. SHEMROCK provides ongoing support, training, and resources to help franchisees manage day-to-day operations smoothly.

Is play school a profitable business?

Running a play school can be highly profitable due to the growing demand for quality early childhood education. Partnering with a reputed brand like SHEMROCK enhances credibility and attracts more enrollments, leading to better profitability.

Which is the cheapest play school franchise in India?

While SHEMROCK offers a cost-effective franchise model, other franchises might have varying initial investments. It’s important to compare the costs and support offered by different brands to determine the best fit for your budget and goals.

Does the franchisee need to pay royalty fees?

SHEMROCK franchisees are required to pay ongoing royalty fees as part of their agreement. These fees support continuous training, curriculum updates, and other resources provided by the franchisor.

I am new to running a Play school franchise, how will I learn to manage the day-to-day operations at my new Pre-School?

SHEMROCK provides comprehensive training programs at their corporate office, including manuals, operational guidelines, and hands-on training. This ensures that new franchisees are well-prepared to manage their schools effectively from day one.


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