SHEM - Vision 2024


Innovative Solutions

Discover a carefully curated list of vendors, third-party providers, suppliers, and ed-tech providers offering cutting-edge solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into our curriculum. The best part? Most of these are available at no cost!

Increase Admissions

Learn how to leverage these new tools to not only enrich the learning experience but also attract more students to your school. Stand out in the competitive educational landscape by offering something unique and valuable.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from comprehensive training on how to implement these solutions effectively and market them to parents, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum impact.


Fun with Math
For Primary and Secondary Schools
English AI
For Primary and Senior Secondary Schools
School Management App
For Pre Primary, Primary and Senior Secondary Schools
Join us in this exciting journey towards a more innovative and successful future.

In the coming weeks, more such sessions are scheduled for ensuring success for your school and providing Futuristic Learning Experience for our Shem STARS.

Your participation is not just an opportunity to enhance your school’s offerings but also a step towards shaping the future of education.

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