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How to setup an Education Franchise in India

India is witnessing a huge demand for good educational institutions that offer standardised education. Due to the ever increasing demand to attain quality education, the prospects of expanding the education sector have seen a tremendous growth. This has paved the way for the aspiring edupreneurs to step into the education franchise sector that guarantees assured returns on investment and profits in the long-run. In India, education franchise of a playschool, primary school, formal 10+2 school or even a learning centre is available. Therefore, according to your requirements, you can set-up an education franchise in India, of any of the aforesaid mentioned institutions.

Hence, if you want to know how to set-up an education franchise in India, follow the stepwise process given below:

  • Nature of Education Franchise: The first and foremost step is to decide upon the type of educational institute you want to own a franchise of. Education franchise in India is available for preschool, primary school, formal 10+2 school, or learning center.
  • Capital Investment: Next, you need to ascertain the amount of capital to be invested. The amount of capital investment shall vary depending on the type of education franchise and the location you choose. 
  • Location: Further, find a suitable location to set up the education franchise in India. Make sure that the location you choose offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere & easy transport accessibility as well.
  • Area of Land: After finalizing the location, acquire the land to establish your education franchise in India. The land could either be leased (with a rental agreement of 30 years) or it could be a property of your own. Besides this, the land requirements shall vary depending upon the type of education franchise you want to start in India.
  • Obtain NOC: Once you have acquired the area of land, you need to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Government, failing which you cannot commence the construction process.
  • Construction: As soon as you obtain the NOC, start the construction of your school building. For this, you can develop a blueprint beforehand that would define the design and layout of the classrooms, playground, activity rooms, and other infrastructural facilities required for a school.
  • Hire Staff: Next, recruit qualified professionals for your education franchise in India. You can either conduct the interviews on your own or you can consult an employment agency that will help you look for suitable candidates for your education franchise.
  • Promote Last but not least, it is essential to promote your education franchise in India using effective marketing strategies. So, make use of flyers, pamphlets, hoardings, banners, etc. to thoroughly publicize your education franchise and to stay ahead of your competitors,.

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