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“We first eat with our eyes!” A quote as apt it is for us, more so it is for our children. Children are those picky little eaters who judge the food by its appearance, texture, fragrance and packing. Therefore, when packing lunch for children or preparing their meals, we need

Cool & Healthy Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat

Let’s have a Look at 5 Amazing Summer Beverages Your Child Must Drink To Beat The Heat! Lassi Refreshing, tasty and healthy - this nutritious drink is an undisputed choice for the summer season. It is made in two ways, either sweet or salty. Coconut Water Coconut water keeps

8 Tips to Keep Children Safe this Summer

Summer is a great time for fun, recreation, making new memories, and enjoying all the exciting activities you have planned. But the summer season also brings with it various health problems Here are some tips to keep both parents and children safe & healthy: Always carry a water bottle with

Positive Communication is the Key to Good Parenting

The parent-child relationship is one of the most influential, important, and meaningful relationships in an individual’s life. Here are five effective suggestions to maintain positive communication channels with your child: Every parent wants to provide the best care to his/her child. To do so, you need to communicate positively with your

8 Secrets to Keep your Kids Healthy this Winter

The mercury has begun to drop and it’s time to start gearing up to protect your family from the challenges the cold months bring. The increased presence of viruses and bacteria test our immunity everywhere. Small changes in the daily routine can go a long way. Here is a list