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8 Tips to Keep Children Safe this Summer

Summer is a great time for fun, recreation, making new memories, and enjoying all the exciting activities you have planned. But the summer season also brings with it various health problems Here are some tips to keep both parents and children safe & healthy:

  1. Always carry a water bottle with you.
  2. Encourage your children to drink fresh juices, coconut water, buttermilk or lemon juice.
  3. Make your children wear light coloured, loose-fitting clothing.
  4. Discourage intake of aerated drinks and junk food.
  5. Nourish your body with seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  6. Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  7. Try to avoid going out in the afternoons as the sun is the harshest at that time.
  8. Apply insect repellant to protect children from mosquito bites.

It is recommended to take proper care of both children and adults during summers and these safety tips will make you enjoy this season more with your little ones.



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