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8 Tips to Keep Children Safe this Summer

Summer is a great time for fun, recreation, making new memories, and enjoying all the exciting activities you have planned. But the summer season also brings with it various health problems Here are some tips to keep both parents and children safe & healthy: Always carry a water bottle with

Positive Communication is the Key to Good Parenting

The parent-child relationship is one of the most influential, important, and meaningful relationships in an individual’s life. Here are five effective suggestions to maintain positive communication channels with your child: Every parent wants to provide the best care to his/her child. To do so, you need to communicate positively with your

Holi-The Celebration of Colours and Joy

Popular Stories Associated with Holi Festival The festival of Holi is amongst one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the country. The word Holi literally means ‘burning’. Thus, on the eve of Holi, a bonfire is conducted indicating the triumph of devotion and good over evil. The festival of colours is