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6 reasons why preschool business is ideal for women entrepreneurs?

“You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women”- Jawaharlal Nehru.


The changing trend of Indian society has acknowledged these words in its true sense. Modern India has embraced the changing position and status of the women whole-heartedly. Also, the government has realised that the economic growth of the country cannot be accelerated without the equal contribution of the women. Hence, they are emerging as successful entrepreneurs, proving their mettle at national and international levels.


Women are working successfully in different sectors. Similarly, the education sector also has a lot of scope for them to flourish and succeed. One such area is the preschool business. It is a growing business that has abundant profit-generating opportunities and a promising future in India. Its low-risk nature, fewer technicalities and resistance to business cycle magnetise entrepreneurs for investment. But why is it enticing for businesswomen? Some of the factors that explain their influx in this industry are:

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  • Excellent decision-makers

Women are multi-taskers. They handle many things at a time and have strong decision-making abilities. Their creative thinking, patience and persistence make them effective leaders. These qualities are well attributed to the success of the preschool business. Therefore, women entrepreneurs have better chances to succeed in this industry.


  • Work-life balance

Maintaining a balance between work and home is a major concern many women face. Entrepreneurship demands full dedication and time and so does the family. Preschool business has limited working hours. This leaves enough time with them to spend with their children. Another notable advantage is common holidays and breaks. So they can plan and enjoy this time of breaks together with their family.


  • Emotional bond with children

The most important factor needed for this business is love and care for children. Women are naturally blessed with motherly instincts and nurture. This makes them the first and apt choice for this venture. They easily develop an emotional bonding with little kids which is very essential to gain their trust. No extra effort is required by them to run this business smoothly and effectively.

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  • No mental stress and pressure

Running a preschool business is a positive experience. When you work around the little angels, you feel joy and contentment. There is no room for work-related stress and pressure. When you deal with little ones even the challenges are rewarding. Their smiles fill you with peace and satisfaction. This makes this business a worthwhile option for women.


  • Respect in society

The school business is a noble and prestigious profession. Running a business is more than earning profits. Social responsibility and reputation in the market are equally essential for any entrepreneur.


By opening a preschool, you contribute to the welfare of society. Becoming a part of the children’s formative years, you help them to prepare for the outside world. Women have strong in-built soft skills and social intelligence. This makes it a lucrative option for businesswomen.

  • Ideal for the newcomers

The preschool venture is one such option that is suitable for the first time business owners. Even the women entrepreneurs who don’t have prior experience can carry out this proposition effectively. No specific qualification and technical know-how are required for its smooth functioning.

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Also, it is uncomplicated and easy to set up. Lack of legal obligations makes it even more alluring for investment.


Final Words:


The factors discussed above establish the feasibility and profitability of this business for women entrepreneurs. The preschool franchise model makes it even more attractive by simplifying each step involved. SHEMROCK Group Of Schools is one of the leading preschool chains working in the preschool industry for the last three decades. It has more than 650 branches across India, Nepal and Bangladesh.



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