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How to Open a Preschool in Bengaluru?

Bengaluru-which is known as the ‘Sillicon Valley’ of India-is also famous as the hub of many reputed educational institutions. It is home to many prestigious universities, schools, etc. The city also enjoys high standards of education as compared to many other states. In addition, it is the third-most populous city in India.


Here, parents value education and demand quality education from the grassroots level for their kids. This makes the city suitable for the preschool franchise industry to spread its wings. Also, the economic growth of the city along with other favourable factors lure edupreneurs to open a playschool franchise in Bengaluru.

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In this article, you will find the step by step detailed process of starting a preschool in Bengaluru.


  • Analyse the demand for preschools 

Before starting any new business, in-depth market research is important. It is beneficial to pre-analyse the demand for the sector in the city. This will give you an idea of the profitability and scope of the business. Likewise, it is advisable to explore the market before opening a preschool in Bengaluru. This will determine the current trend, most suitable areas and intensity of competition in the playschool industry.


  • Explore the different franchise brands available

Choosing a franchise brand is an important decision. You should be responsible and cautious as well. This is because it affects your finances, aspirations, reputation and your professional life in the long term. The right partner believes in the growth of his own along with people who invest in his franchise system. Hence, it is important to take some time to know your partner, his brand and his reputation in the market.  And only then, choose the companion who shares your vision.

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  • Look  for the source of investment and the amount required

The next step towards opening a preschool in Bengaluru leads you to the procurement of finances. It is crucial to know the total amount of investment required to run the business. Hence, you should ask your franchisor about the different costs involved apart from the royalty and franchise fee. This would help you plan your budget and arrange the funds accordingly.


There are different financing options available in the market ranging from banking to non-banking financial institutions. Furthermore, the franchisor helps you in arranging the amount hassle-free.


  • Choose a site that increases your profitability

The location affects the success and enrollments of the preschool. Hence, it should be chosen meticulously. And Bengaluru being the ‘city of gardens’ provides a range of such areas. Only a few things need to be kept in mind. These include residential property, easy accessibility and minimal competition. So that parents feel safe to send their young ones where they can easily reach. Also, the fewer the competitors more will be the admissions.


Generally, the area required for the school to become operational is 2000 sq.ft. But every franchise brand has its own area requirements, so your franchisor would be able to guide you best in this regard.


  • Build the school of your dreams

After finalising the location, the time comes to turn your plan into actions. In this case, you can either take a property on lease at your desired location or you can construct your own school. In both the scenarios, design the infrastructure according to the needs of the little children. The colour scheme, the themes, the furniture and other playing equipment should be eye-catching. They should grab the attention at first sight only. Also, keep the kids engrossed and interested. Furthermore, safety and hygiene are matters of concern for parents. With growing awareness, they are bothered about these factors for more than ever. Hence, these aspects should top the priority list while planning the infrastructure of the preschool.

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This step is a vital part of the franchise system since it influences the success of the school directly.


  • Devise a curriculum that lays the foundation of the children’s future

A curriculum should be designed considering the changing teaching-learning system. Nowadays, it is important to direct the energies of the kids to something constructive. Hence, it should include activities that promote learning in a fun way. Also, it should aim to achieve a balanced development in children.


And so, the franchisor develops a child-centric curriculum. Regular research is also conducted to ensure uniqueness, relevance and to keep pace with the changing market trend.


  • Appoint the staff that love their work

It is important to hire people who love being around children. And since the kids are very young, they need a nurturing and loving environment to grow. Therefore, playschool should be a second home for the little angels. The teachers and other staff members should create that atmosphere for them. Furthermore, they should be given the training to keep them well equipped with the latest technology.


This is another benefit of opening a preschool franchise business that the recruitment part is dealt with by the brand. It looks after the background verification, qualifications and experience required for the job.

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  • Make your school noticeable

To make your school stand out, it is important to promote its unique features. Nowadays, parents are brand conscious which enhances the need for creating a brand image. This is done by marketing the school extensively. But since you are opening a preschool franchise, the franchisor takes up most of your responsibility. Generally, the large scale promotions are done by the parent-school through various mediums. These include the print media, social media, hiring the brand ambassador etc.


You can enjoy the benefits of the brand name and publicise locally to make your preschool more popular in the city.



Through these steps, we have tried to explain how to open a preschool franchise in Bengaluru. It is a simple process that operates with low investment and generates high returns in the long-term. Also, the assistance and support are provided at every level by the franchisor which makes the venture more conducive.


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