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Is preschool business profitable in India?

The preschool business is a thriving sector in India. Past few years have witnessed a spurt in its growth and this trend is likely to prevail in the coming years. This upsurge is valid enough to entice entrepreneurs to invest in this industry. Every businessman wants to invest in a bankable and futuristic venture. Its easy to operate nature, meagre investment and fewer technicalities add to its lure. Also, minimal government involvement in this area enhances the scope for private players.  This creates enough room for growth and success in this sector.

Some other noteworthy factors that justify its profitable today and tomorrow in India are :

  • Changing outlook of Indian parents

Nowadays, parents are realising the importance of early education in the child’s overall growth and development. Hence, they want to foster learning in their children from their formative years. And, preschool is the best approach to promote that by making learning fun for them.

Also, in many families, both parents are working. This generates the need for preschools and daycares. These days many preschools provide daycare facility as well. Therefore, the demand for such schools is on the rise these days in India. So it is profitable to invest in this school business.

  • Low capital investment

You can start your preschool franchise with very low investment. The capital needed to run the business is much less than many other ventures. But the profits generated are huge. This makes it a rewarding proposition for investment.

This also creates an opportunity even for the edupreneurs who want to start at a small scale. Hence, it is a profitable venture that generates sky-high profits with minimal funds.

  • Demand for recognised preschools

Parents are brand conscious these days. They want the best education for their children. And when it comes to choosing the school, they never want to compromise with the quality. Hence, they look for reputed and trusted names. These schools have an established prestige, research-based curriculum, well-defined infrastructure and proper standardisation.

But this industry is still in its growing stage. And has enough room to expand and generate revenue in the long run.

  • Easy-to-manage business

Establishing a preschool is a simple process. It doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge or prior experience. The operations involved here are uncomplicated in nature. And hence, no specific qualification is required to run the business. It doesn’t include any complex legal formalities. So starting a  business with huge profits and easy to operate steps is a prudent decision.

  • Resistant to the economic cycle

Every business falls under the prey of the economic cycle. But the preschool business has the privilege to remain unaffected during the hard times. The reason being the child’s education is the last place where parents want to curtail their budget. So, it’s a thriving business which generates high returns throughout the year. Also, it has minimal risk involved which makes it a secure option for investment.

  • A plethora of opportunities for growth

Preschool industry is a growing industry and has a wide scope in the future. With increasing awareness and education in people, this market continues to flourish in Indian society.  The demand for this sector is not limited to metro cities. Even the non-metros show great potential for its development. Hence, this market is flooding with opportunities for growth and progress.

  • Work-life balance

Work-life balance is demanded by both men and women. In this modern scenario, the nature of work is extremely demanding. Therefore, people find it difficult to create a balance between work and family. Preschool business is one such business that solves this problem completely. It has limited working hours that provides entrepreneurs with ample amount of time to spend with family.

Also, working with little kids is a rewarding experience. So achieving that balance while earning substantial profits is not something that every business offers.

These determinants explain the future of preschool business very well in India. It is a business that encompasses almost every aspect of a profitable and future-oriented venture. Franchising in this field increases its feasibility and cost-effectiveness. But choosing a well established and experienced franchise brand is very crucial to ensure success and profitability.

SHEMROCK GROUP Of Schools is one of the leading preschool chains that stands tall among its competitors. It has been serving in the education industry from the past three decades. It is a prestigious brand to join hands with if you are
planning on opening a preschool in your city.



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  1. Nice Article. Thanks for sharing this post. I hope this blog useful for a lot of members. Keep up the good work
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  2. Nice Article. Thanks for sharing this post. I hope this blog useful for a lot of members. Keep up the good work
    Asquarekids are the best daycare in Bangalore & playschool which offers facilities like birthday party venues, Pre nursery school for kids to learn and grow.

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