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How to Open a Preschool in Bhopal?

The education sector is growing rapidly in India. But some states and cities have shown tremendous response towards it over others. One such city is Bhopal which is situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. It is called ‘city of lakes’ and is known for its green cover. It comprises of a culture that values education which is reflected well in the number of educational institutions present in the city. Hence, this place is appropriate to establish a preschool. Moreover, its upsurging economy will definitely embrace the sector since the playschool business is a risk-free, rewarding and profitable venture. Also, the changing trend and awareness for education from the basic level will boost its growth multifold.


Hence, many entrepreneurs want detailed guidance on how to open a preschool in Bhopal. In this article, we have explained the steps involved in an elaborative manner which are mentioned below:


  • Decide on whether to start from scratch or buy a school franchise. 

Before moving forward, it is important to decide how you want to open your school. There are two possible methods to enter this industry. One is a costly affair which is starting your own school from scratch. A first-time entrepreneur can face various challenges like fierce competition, underestimating the start-up cost and years of efforts to establish the brand.

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And the other is taking the route of the preschool franchise business. In this case, an already established brand with a tested successful business model is given to you. This increases the success rate and minimizes the risk. Furthermore, it provides you with support and assistance at every step of the school set up.


So choose your desired path and start your entrepreneurial journey.


  • Explore the city for the best-suited location

This is a common step in both approaches. An appropriate location is a fundamental need for starting the preschool. Bhopal is one of the greenest and largest cities of India. So it would not be difficult to find an area ideal for opening a school. Typically, residential space is preferred where parents find it safe and convenient to send their children. Also, look for a site which is surrounded by the green cover and minimal competition.


Apart from these basic requirements, a minimum area is needed which is approx.2000 sq.ft. however, if you take the preschool franchise business, the franchisor will look upon these things. And give you an estimate of the land as per its own standards.


  • Check for the financing options available in market

Once you are through with the stage of finalising the site, you need funds to acquire it. Different financing options are available in the market. From banking to non-banking institutions, there is no dearth of institutions that provide funds. Such convenient funding options have acted as catalysts for the economy of the city. This procurement even becomes simpler when you are backed by a big franchise brand.

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  • Work on the ambience and facilities of your school

The other major step in starting a preschool in Bhopal is developing the infrastructure. This is a crucial task so it should be done keeping in mind the target audience. In this case, you are dealing with little kids and their unique needs. Vivid and lively environment, fancy child-size furniture, spacious classrooms and engrossing educational toys create the ideal ambience for the kids. Most importantly, you should administer the safety regulations meticulously to ensure the safeguard of the children.


  • Provide a Strong Foundation with a Child-Centric Curriculum  

A well-defined teaching plan and a unique set of learning-based fun activities should constitute the curriculum. Learning should seem like enjoyment to kids. It should aim at developing fine and gross motor skills in children. Their social, emotional, physical and mental growth should be targeted while framing the education system of the school.


Furthermore, consistent R&D is required to keep it updated and in-sync with the demands of our changing world. If you open a preschool franchise business then the curriculum is the responsibility of the franchisor.


  •  Find, Select and Hire the Right Talent  

No business works without the right personnel to undertake the operational processes. And hence, the next big step in starting the preschool in Bhopal involves recruitment of the staff. Since little kids are involved, extra precaution is required to be taken while hiring the workforce for a preschool. A complete background check should be carried out. Most importantly, teachers should be well-trained and should have a love for children and their work. Also, make sure, they have minimum qualification and experience required for the job. As the franchisor generally recruits the staff, you don’t have to worry about hiring the staff.

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  • Create a customer base for your school

Nowadays, parents believe in brand value. They prefer an established and reputed school to trust for their child’s education. Hence, it is important to create a brand image for your institution. This will require a strong marketing strategy to stand out in the preschool industry. Some of the effective methods to advertise are:


  • Print media, social media, television and telephone marketing.
  • Choosing a brand ambassador for your school can help in increasing admissions.
  • You can become a sponsoring partner to various kids activities, this will make your presence visible.
  • You can also publicise by creating a dedicated school website. You can post kids activities and events organised in the school.


However, franchisor shares marketing responsibility with its partners. And you can simply take advantage of its popular brand name and its large scale advertising.


Final Words:


You can open a preschool in Bhopal by following these simple steps. We have tried to provide you with an insight into both approaches. And you also might have compared the two options well in the given course of the school establishment. There are innumerable advantages that franchise business offers. Its well-tested business model minimalises your risk and enhances the chances of profitability.

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One such market leader is SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools which provides the franchise opportunities to all the passionate edupreneurs. It has an outstanding track record in the preschool industry for the past three decades. Hence, it is advisable to join hands with the group to start the business of your dreams.



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