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How to Open Pre-School in Tamil Nadu?

How To Start A Pre School Franchise in Tamil Nadu

Children from 2 to 4 years of age are easily influenced by the people around them. It becomes vital for the parents to impart etiquettes and moral values to their children, which they can follow at all times. However, in this fast-paced life, it becomes difficult for parents to devote full time to their kids, especially when both are working. In such a situation, they resort to preparatory schools, which promise that small children will be taken best care of. Keeping this in mind, people have started opening pre-schools/play schools, Kindergarten and Montessori schools in every nook and corner of their locality. Apart from being a lucrative venture, such institutions serve as helping hand for young parents. In case you are also planning to open a play school in your area in Tamil Nadu, then this article will be handy.

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Go through the step-by-step procedure given below, for starting play school in Tamil Nadu:

  • Capital investment is the first and foremost thing for the commencement of any venture. This applies to starting pre-school as well. If you want to own a play school consisting of all the facilities that small children would want, then you will have to come up with a budget of at least Rs 6 lakh.
  • If you are done with securing the required budget, then the next step would be to find land suitable for the educational institution. The location should be calm, full of greens, away from the hustle-bustle of commercial areas. Moreover, the land should be registered, either rented (with 5 years of rental agreement) or your own property.
  • The next step is to spend on infrastructure for your pre-school. The school should primarily consist of well-ventilated classrooms, library, playground and an activity area including child-friendly toys and furniture.
  • After equipping your pre-school with the necessary infrastructure, it is time to publicize your institution. Just before the construction is over, you can start pre-launch activities. These may include giving publicity to the brand name of your school, by making use of “Coming Soon” banners in your locality. This way, the public will come to know that you are going to launch a new pre-school in TamilNadu. Once the building gets constructed completely, you will have to opt for launch of your school. For the launch of your school, you need to opt for branding through advertising campaign should be done.
  • After branding, you need to concentrate on hiring of teachers and administrators, for your play school. Make sure that the Board of Directors and the administrative staff consist of well qualified professionals who have aptitude to work for small children. Teachers that you hire should have the zeal to work for the noble profession of teaching.

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    I am very interested in starting a Nursery and Primary School in ,tamilnadu. Can someone with good knowledge of getting some idea and how much i can put the Capital investment & building area & total area andhow i go ahead please advice me.

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  3. What kind of permission need from the govt. authorities Chief Education officers to start playschool

  4. Darwin Montessori school are Prepared Environments For they Enhance Activity of Self Perfection,Communication And developing Exactness For kids Knowledge.

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