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Basic Requirements to Open a Playgroup School

Due to the increasing number of working parents, the demand for institutions offering quality early childhood education is also increasing tremendously. Moreover, today parents look for schools that offer the best education for their child and an apt environment to them where they can learn, grow and develop. It is here that playgroup schools play a vital role in serving this purpose. Therefore, with the continuous demand for quality playgroup schools, investment in this sector is surely a wise option. However, before starting a playgroup school, you must know about the requirements to open a playgroup school.

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So, go through the following pointers to know about the basic requirements to open a playgroup school:

  • The prime cause of concern is to arrange funds for your playgroup school. Ideally, to open a playgroup school, an amount of Rs. 6-7 lakhs is required. However, the amount may vary depending upon the location you choose.
  • Next, search for a suitable location to set-up your playgroup school. Make sure that the location you choose promotes active learning. So, opt for a residential area which offers a calm & peaceful environment and easy transport accessibility as well.
  • After finalising the location, acquire the land to start your playgroup school. Ideally, an area of approximately 5,000-6,000 sq. ft. is sufficient to establish a playgroup school.
  • Once you have acquired the land, start the construction of your preschool building. Ensure that your playgroup school has all the basic infrastructural facilities i.e. bright & colourful classrooms, well-equipped activity room, playroom, garden with swings etc.
  • After the playschool building is constructed, start inviting applications for the teaching posts and support staff. For this, conduct interviews in the school premises. However, make sure that you hire qualified and experienced candidates for your playgroup school.
  • Now, start the admission process.

Listed above are some of the basic requirements to open a playgroup school. However, setting up a playgroup school is a tedious and complex process. So, it is advised to opt for a playgroup school franchise. This brings along the advantages of complete support and technical expertise from the franchisor. You can get associated with SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools, the leading chain of preschools in India and enjoy the benefits of its 100% support and guidance. SHEMROCK provides you with a lucrative franchise opportunity. So, if you wish to work under this established brand, click on the tab given below to fill the Franchise Application Form.

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  1. my daughter has passed 10th and has a planning to have her own playgroup kindly need as how & when to start for this

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