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Top 5 Full Day Boarding Schools in Gurugram, Haryana

Top 5 Boarding Schools In Gurugram, Haryana

If you are a parent working in Gurugram, a detailed list of the top 5 full day boarding schools in Gurugram is probably just what you need to get started with finding the best school for your child.

The millennium city, Gurugram, is home to multinational corporations, elite housing societies and a bustling nightlife. But there’s one more aspect to it: the booming premium education sector. Gurugram or Gurgaon (as it was formerly called) has some of the top schools with world-class facilities and the best curriculum in the country. There’s no doubt that the buzzing town in the NCR region is the best place to study and work.

Moving on, Gurugram is also home to a young and working population. They are more demanding and have a global outlook. They also want the best education for their children.  And there’s a huge demand for day boarding schools. This is understandable as there is an impressive increase in the number of working parents.

If you’re also searching for a suitable boarding school for your little one, here’s the list of the top 5 full day boarding schools in Gurugram.

Top 5 Full Day Boarding Schools in Gurugram.


SHEMFORD Gurugram is not a boarding school. But it’s way better than regular boarding schools. It is India’s first full day school that offers a different way of schooling. The school timings are designed to suit the needs of working parents. It’s a unique concept that is set to revolutionize the Indian education sector. Let’s try to understand the concept in detail.

Best Schools in Gurugram, Haryana

Gurugram already has plenty of boarding schools. But these are mere ‘boarding schools’ and SHEMFORD Gurugram works on a different approach. It has devised a system where after school hours are utilised in a fruitful manner. Students’ after school hours are arranged in different activities such as tuitions, hobby classes, etc. In this way, they get the best education within school premises itself.   

One of the Top 5 Full Day Boarding Schools in Gurugram

Moreover, the curriculum is based on robust research & development. The ShemEduMAX is at the center of SHEMFORD’s philosophy. This teaching method uses ‘Engaging Methods’ with ‘Personalised Assessment’ in a ‘Conducive Learning Environment’.  As we discussed earlier, this system is based on research & development. Hence, there are frequent updates to the system as per the changing requirements. The curriculum also aims to imbibe traditional values with a global outlook in the hearts and minds of children.

The awe-inspiring infrastructure is designed not to appease art critics, but keeping in mind the needs of children of all ages. The ambience inspires a love for learning. The school’s motto is simple; students should love to attend school. Hence, the environment is always welcoming, studious and playful. All these factors together have put this school at the top of our list of top 5 full day boarding schools in Gurugram.

GD Goenka World School

This is another popular school in Delhi NCR.  The 60-acre campus impresses with greenery, wide open spaces, multiple playing fields, courts, and much more. Students can enjoy a clean, green environment far from the noise and pollution of the city. We would like to add that this school is part of the GD Goenka education city.

Best Schools in Gurugram, Haryana

The Heritage School, Gurgaon

This school is known as a progressive, innovative school in Gurugram. The Heritage School works hard for the benefit of students with special needs or those from economically weaker sections. Its sprawling 18.75 acres campus is a sight to behold. And the infrastructure leaves no room for complaints.  

Best Schools in Gurugram, Haryana

Rabindranath World School

This school has made it to the list of top 5 full day boarding schools in Gurugram as it focuses not just on academics.  This reputed school also aims to imbibe the following values: truth, efficiency , honesty, zeal, devotion and determination.

Rabindranath World School

Amity International School

Last but not least on our list of top 5 full day boarding schools in Gurugram is Amity International – the name that needs no introduction. This is a popular name in India. The school is known for its impressive curriculum aims to develop the mental, physical & spiritual potential of students. The focus is also on enhancing the over-all personality of children

Amity International School, Sec-43, Gurugram

So, these are Top 5 Full Day Boarding Schools in Gurugram, Haryana that can offer the best education for your child.  These reputed schools are situated in Gurugram and are known for quality education, sound infrastructure and much more.



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