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Health Benefits of Apples for Kids

“An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!” This age-old saying has been speaking itself out time and again but seldom have we lent our ears to it. Apple is a fruit which contains all those nutrients which are required by the body and should be essentially included in your and

Onam Festival Celebration | Onam Wishes | Onam Story

Onam Story Onam is one of the harvest festivals celebrated in the southern part of India. The festival is associated with the epic of the great demon king, Mahabali, who ruled the state of Kerala a long time back. The wise and generous ruler was dearly loved and admired by his

Holi Recipes | Gujia Recipes | Holi Gujia Recipes

  GUJIA Recipes with Koya and Coconut Filling for Holi: Ingredients required for GUJIYA For the dough: 500 gms maida (flour) 6 tbsps cooking oil 200 ml water   For the filling: 1kg khoya 500 gms sugar 3tbsps raisins 200 gms almonds (cut into thin strips) Oil for deep frying Method:  Preparing the dough: Mix six tablespoons of oil with maida. Using fingers mix well so

Lohri Recipes | Dry Fruit Chikki |Pinni | Kurmura Ladoo

LOHRI RECIPES Dry Fruit Chikki Ingredients: badam 1 cup (chopped) pista 1 cup (chopped) cashew 1 cup (chopped) jaggery ¼ cup (grated) kesar-few soaked in milk ghee 2 big spoons. Method: Grate jaggery. Heat 2 big spoons of ghee in a kadai. Put grated jaggery, mix well and melt nicely to a fine paste. To this add kesar, badam, pista and cashew nuts