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Parents Testimonials

Dea patwa

Our experiences have been delightful. Our child developed good people skills. Teachers are great and we got good suggestions from the principal for applying and choosing the right school for our child.

Debarya Chatterjee
Good environment, good administration and good teaching staff

Bijeshnu Ray
It has an eco-friendly environment, very co operative faculty. My child has learned so much from Shemrock Global Wisdom. I am very satisfied.

Ruhi & Rudra Patel
The environment and the campus of Shemrock Global Wisdom are very nice. We are proud of our child and their basic level is too strong.

Soumik Roy
The best thing in Shemrock Global Wisdom is discipline in all aspects. What my child gained from Shemrock Global Wisdom is smartness, etiquettes and he had become independent.

Avikshit De
Conducive atmosphere for children’s learning, very supportive teaching staff. My son gained confidence in socializing.

Shreyan Nath
We choose Shemrock Global Wisdom because it has scientific way of teaching, audio visual learning process and lots of activities throughout the year which develop our child mentally and physically.

Vidisha Jain
Vidisha has been fortunate to have been guided by some wonderful teachers in school. My special thanks to all of them as she has always returned home with a happy face and chatters about things she did in the school. We appreciate the special attention they give to children to keep them happy and comfortable, always learning and inquisitive.

Sachin Singh
It’s a dream come true when we watch little angles performing in front of a big audience. I salute to all teachers, staff and the entire team for organizing such a beautiful event with your hard work to teach every step of dance to little angles. 

Subhadip Purakayastha 
Let me begin by congratulating you on the success of the annual program. All the kids were great and the efforts put in by the teachers were very evident. I was amazed to know that the songs were all written in house for the occasion, and performed by the students and teachers themselves. The choreography of all the performances was very nicely done. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and we enjoyed immensely.

On a personal note, my daughter happened to be the only child to cry off stage that day; perhaps overwhelmed by the stage, lights and sound. I am glad that she did come back for the next performance and performed flawlessly. Kudos to the teachers who must have counseled her in between.

We look forward to the annual program again next year. Thank you for the immense effort it must have taken to pull this off. And thank you for the saplings; they were a nice little touch as keepsake.

Abhishek Banerjee/Vidya Banerjee
Thank you dear Ronita Ma’am,  Anindita Ma’am and all fantastic teachers, great associates and nice friends of Shemrock Global Wisdom - special thanks to all the lovely coordinators of Shemrock Global Wisdom for offering such a great kid concert with so many fun activities with true great message!!!.

Wridaan liked it to the fullest and so did all of us. Managing a single child sometimes become a great challenge, here, a garden of lovely flowers are managed so beautifully Real kudos to you and all your ever dedicated staff for their help in preparing and organizing such a great event.

We sincerely thank you and acknowledge with a deep sense of appreciation your style of providing a quality education and strong global message for everybody through your juvenile performance. You touch the future through the hearts of children.  It has been a pleasure to watch their expertise nurture Wridaan and friends into the confident, happy children they are today!

Amajit De
Every ‘First’, each ‘Big Step’ has a special significance in Parents’ lives. SHEMROCK GLOBAL WISDOM gave us a reason to commemorate our tiny star’s ‘First Stage Performance’ with such a Grand & Glittering “Annual Concert”. Starting from selection of such an important Social Issue as Concept till crafting every single performance aptly with the theme was mesmerizing. My heartfelt thanks to the teachers and SHEMROCK GLOBAL WISDOM management who put their collective efforts for months together to mould this event with such precision.  We were fascinated on the very day to find out how well our toddlers were taken care of and managed besides staging each act so perfectly. It was indeed a memory to be cherished upon.

But, I have a small piece of feedback as well. Since, the children are not generally exposed to such an atmosphere like that of an Auditorium, a stage rehearsal would definitely help them to feel more comfortable and confident while enacting their performances on stage.