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World Earth Day 2015 – Date, Significance, Quotes

Earth Day is an international environmental event celebrated on 22nd April every year. Every year, this day reminds us of our responsibility towards the environment and draws our attention towards the environmental issues and protect the Earth & the life on it. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the US. Numerous countries and communities celebrate Earth Day with activities focused on creating awareness about the environmental issues.


The purpose of this day is to focus attention on the global issues such as depleting natural resources, global warming, deforestation, air & water pollution, etc. The day is celebrated in order to increase awareness among people about the need to protect our Mother Earth and its natural resources for the future generations. Campaigns surrounding these major issues are highlighted to raise awareness as well as spread consciousness and to educate people about their share of responsibility in protecting the environment.

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This year on Earth Day, celebrate the day with your child using the following tips:

  1. Plant a tree in your neighbourhood and encourage every family member to participate.
  2. Avoid the use of non-renewable resources for a day by encouraging taking a walk and avoiding driving.
  3. Gather volunteers from your neighbourhood and hold an educational session for all to understand the environmental issues.
  4. Hold a clean-up drive in your local neighbourhood with volunteers to spread the message of Green and Clean Earth!
  5. Take a pledge to conserve the environment by following some simple tips:
  • Do not litter: If you see garbage anywhere, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin.
  • Turn off the taps: You can save water by turning off the taps while you brush your teeth.
  • Save energy: Always switch off the lights when you leave the room and turn off the TV too.
  • Ride your bike: You can ride a bicycle to travel to nearby places or opt for a walk to keep the air clean.
  • Recycle: You can recycle the bottles, cans and papers at your school and home.
  • Use CFLs: Replace all the bulbs in your house with high-efficiency CFL bulbs.
  • Save Paper: Use online bill pay system to save paper and stamps.
  • Say No to Plastic Bags: While going for grocery shopping, make sure that you take reusable canvas/cloth bag so you don’t use plastic bags unnecessarily.
  • Carpool to school: Pool the car with your friends’ parents to go to school.
  • Spread awareness: Spread awareness towards saving the environment by word of mouth.



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