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Winter Fun Games

Winter Fun Games

Material Required: Straws and cotton balls
How to play:
1. Divide into teams place half of the team members on one side of the room and the other half on the other side.
2. Children have to blow through the straw to move the cotton ball across the room to the next person in the line. The first team to complete the race wins.

Shemrock Tongue Twister

How to play: Say each phrase three times as fast as you can.
 Chocolate cocoa cravings cure colds
 Santa sings shining star songs
 Pretty packages perfectly packed
 Tip-top tiny tot toys
 Candy cane cookies keep kids coming

Shemrock Winter

Material Required: Black board and chalk or Dry Erase board and markers Slips of paper with different winter items/objects on each one [example: mittens, coat, candy cane, snowflake, etc. Christmas themed bowl to draw from or stocking Timer
How to play:
1. Divide the class into teams. The player up draws a slip of paper from the stockings reads it silently and hands to the referee.
2. The player then must draw clues as to what was on their paper and by doing so get their team to say what it is.
3. If the playing team guesses correctly before the time runs out, they get two points. If the playing team cannot guess correctly they get a point and the playing team may take one guess. If the opposing team guesses correctly they get a point and the playing team loses a point.
4. Keep on playing the game until you get the correct answer.

Unwrap the Gift
Material Required: Box filled with candy Box wrapped many times with different paper Music
How to play:
1. Make the children sit in a circle.
2. While the music is playing the “gift/present” is passed around the circle.
3. When the music stops, one layer of wrapping paper is removed. The music begins again and the process continues until the box is completely unwrapped. The box is then opened and everyone shares the candy.



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