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A Wholesome Baggage for Summer Vacations

5 Quick Tips to Pack-up for a Fun Family Trip

Summer Vacations are approaching and this is that time of the year when every family plans out a prolonged trip. Such trips give every member of the family all the space and time to live, laugh and enjoy with each other, without any work or school commitments. Children, being our priority need a lot of attention, especially during an outstation trip. So, as you plan out the various Do’s and Don’ts for your trip, we are here to help you with a few packing tips to make your journey easy and trouble-free both for you and kids:

Luggage size and quantity:

The first thing to do while packing your stuff for the trip is to check on the luggage size. It should not be heavy and difficult for you or anyone else to carry. So, keep your baggage small, light and compact. Also, try fitting in the essential items like daily soap, shampoo, creams, sunscreen, hairbrush, etc., in your handbag, so as to use them easily during midway breaks. Don’t forget to add a small bag filled with snacks and packed eateries for your kids for the way. This will keep them energised and occupied with some or the other eating stuff at all times.


Depending on the travel destination you pick, your clothing preferences will vary. If you have picked up any hill station or mountainous or cold weathered areas, you will be packing more of warm and woolen stuff for you and specially for your little ones.. For this, you will need to pack full-length lowers, full sleeve t-shirts, jackets or sweaters, socks, gloves and woollen caps, if needed. On the other hand, if you have chosen to travel to places with high temperature, you will want to pack up stuff like loose summer T-shirts or shorts, flip-flops, summer hats, sunglasses, etc.

Sun protecting essentials:

Wherever you go, the Sun will follow you like your shadow. Children, being much more sensitive than us adults, need special treatment during summers. Too much time spent in heat can result in various problems like Loo, Dehydration, Suntan, Sunburns, etc. So, to avoid any such problems,  do not forget to keep Sun protecting essentials like Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Sunhats or Caps, Burn Healing Creams, Scarfs (for females), etc.

First-aid kit:

The first-aid kit is the most important section of your luggage. Children are those curious creatures who are game for any and every activity they come across. Being a responsible and good parent, you have to be attentive and alert about any mishap that can occur while your kids are busy enjoying their adventure games. So, never forget to keep your first-aid box which should include Cotton, Medical Tape, Scissors, Gauge, Pain-Relieving Ointment, Burn Relieving Cream, Stomach Ache Pills, Diarrhea Medicines, ORS and any other medicines which you think are necessary for any member of your family.

A few more packing tips to go:
Apart from the above-mentioned things, there are a few more things which you should pack for a relaxed and trouble-free journey. Firstly, the essentials –

  • a few plastic bags for food wrappers or dirty laundry,
  • bathroom essentials,
  • mint packets,
  • phone and other gadgets chargers,
  • wet wipes, tissue paper packets, etc.

Secondly, for entertainment –

  • music playlist,
  • I-pad/ Tablet/ Kindle,
  • portable Video Games for children,
  • Novels & Comics, if desired,
  • compact family games like Playing Cards, Ludo, etc.

Follow these simple packing tips and you are a Luggage-Ready Good to Go Trip Planner.

Have a Happy and Safe Journey!