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Traditional Celebrations of Holi, Tips to Celebrate Holi with Family


The festival of Holi is a very popular and prominent festival of the Hindus, which is celebrated all across India and now, in some other Asian countries too. It is observed on ‘Purnima’ or the full moon day in the spring season, in the month of ‘Phagun’.  This year Holi will be celebrated on 13th of March.

Holi has a very special significance for the people of India as it is related to the victory of ‘good’ over ‘bad. It is the festival of colours which celebrates the colours of friendship, love and life. It is believed that people forget all kinds of differences on this day and become friends again. Friends hug each other and renew their relations. Everyone greets each other with warm wishes and puts some ‘Gulaal’ on each other.

On a night before Holi, a Holika bonfire is lit, around which people sing and dance. This bonfire reflects an incidence from the ancient legend of a young devotee of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad. Prahlad was the son of the demon king, Hiranayakashipu, who used to dislike Prahlad’s praying to Lord Vishnu. He even ordered his evil sister Holika to sit in a bonfire with Prahlad in her lap to burn him alive, as she had a magical cloak that could guard her against the fire & Prahlad did not have any such cloak. Thinking that the fire would burn Prahlad and she would not be touched by it, Holika followed her brother’s directions. Prahlad, being a true believer of God, was saved from the fire and Holika instead was burnt because her cloak flew away while she was sitting in the fire. To signify this victory of good over evil, the festival of Holi is celebrated.

Traditional Celebrations of Holi

On the day of Holi, people play with coloured powders and water. They usually wear white coloured dresses and colour each other with fun and frolic. The whole atmosphere is filled with liveliness and enjoyment. Often people play music & Holi special songs on loud speakers while playing & dancing with community friends and family members. Children are very excited about this festival and throw water-filled balloons on each other. People eat different types of special traditional food items on this day. ‘Gujiya’ is one of the most popular sweet that is exchanged and eaten widely, on the day of Holi.

Tips to Celebrate Holi with Family

  • Tell your child about the story of Prahlad and explain why Holi is celebrated.
  • Dress up your child in White dress and encourage her to play Holi with all.
  • Give sweets, Gujiyaas and colours to needy children.
  • Put some Gulaal on elder’s feet and ask for their blessings.

Have a Happy & Safe Holi!!



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