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Tips to celebrate Literacy Day with your child

Importance of literacy & Education

In the month of September, we at SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools are keenly looking forward to celebrating Literacy Day, through which we aim to spread awareness among our ShemSTARS about the importance of literacy in our lives. We will be conducting related activities with a view to make them realise the value of reading, writing and learning in their life.

We believe that you, as a responsible and an aware parent, can also play a major role in making your child realise the importance of literacy & education and help her to grow as a well-learned, wise and knowledgeable individual. Therefore, celebrate Literacy Day with your child by indulging with her in fun & interesting activities that involve reading and writing. You may use the following ShemTIPS to celebrate Literacy Day with your child, to help her value the need of education in her life.


  • Start the day with a “Learning breakfast” session with your child. Involve her in reading something that can enhance her knowledge of the world around her, such as a newspaper or a magazine.
  • Organise a “Story Chain” activity at your home in the afternoon, by involving all the members of the family. For this, write “Once upon a time…” on a chart paper and hang it on the living room’s wall. Now, ask your child to fill in the blanks to make the first sentence of the story. Next, tell other family members to come one-by-one and write one sentence each, to build-up the story in a meaningful way. Thereafter, ask your child to give the story an appropriate ending. This will be a nice pastime on Literacy Day for the entire family.
  • In case your child is younger, organise a “Story narration” activity for your child and her friends at your home. Call upon your child’s neighbourhood friends and guide the children to come forward one-by-one to narrate their favourite stories. Give away attractive prizes such as pencil, pencil box, notebook etc., to all the participants.
  • Conduct a fun “Book Swap” activity at your home in the evening. For the activity, invite your relatives & neighbourhood friends to join you and your child. While inviting them, ask each person to come up with her favourite story book and encourage her to exchange it with someone else, from whom she shall ask a book in return. After a week, assemble all of them at your home and request them to return their books to one another. Thereafter, encourage everyone to come up one-by-one and narrate the gist of the book they have read in the previous week.
  • Take your child to the nearest bookshop and present her with a book of her choice. You may also gift your child a writing journal and encourage her to write down her thoughts in it.
  • You may celebrate this day by conducting a children’s book fair. Invite some publishers or someone from a local bookstore to organize a fair in your society to display their collection of useful books for children.
  • Lastly, on Literacy Day, start a “Learn and help learn” campaign along with your child. Involve her in educating illiterate people around you, such as maids, drivers, watchmen, sweepers etc. who play an important role in the society. Also, encourage your child to donate her old text books and story books to the underprivileged children in the locality or at an orphanage.

Apart from enlightening your child about the importance of literacy on Literacy Day, enrich her life with knowledge and motivate her to become a lifelong learner. Your efforts will contribute greatly in sensitizing your child and the society at large, towards the cause of literacy.

Happy Learning!



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