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Taare Zameen Par or the nursery admission saga

Many schools have woken up to the needs of special children in the society. As the number of parents applying for admission for their disabled kids have gone up, schools are waking up to address the issue of disabled children being a part of a regular school. Many parents over the years have encouraged their disabled children to grow up feeling like a normal person, which off course requires a lot of patience and understanding on their part. They also expect the school to have the same kind of understanding and patience with the child in order to help them. In the past a very few cases of normal schools accepting disabled children have come up, but now schools are putting up extra credit points in the marking list for families with disabled children. Principals from various famous organizations have come forward to comment on the issue and accepting the fact that though they are not a special school they welcome kids with special needs.  Some schools have even gone ahead to have a doctor on the panel to assist in the proper admission and further studies of these children. A Times of India Story Seems like Aamir Khan's effort with Taare Zameen Par has paid off and the schools are waking up to missing element of compassion for kids with disability.

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