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The Right Steps to get a Playschool Franchise in Mumbai

Playschools often known as preschools play an essential role in the growing years of small children. Such schools help children to learn & grow in a conducive and stimulating environment. Moreover, with the growing trend of preschool education, the need for playschools is rising at a fast rate. Also, parents seek the best playschools for their children to help them grow and develop holistically.  So, opening a preschool has emerged to be a lucrative business option. Here we will discuss the right steps to get a playschool franchise in Mumbai.

Mumbai, one of the major metropolitan cities of India, gives a lot of emphasis on standardizing the quality of preschool education. Hence, the existing playschools in Mumbai have expanded their network by offering playschools franchise in Mumbai. This has benefited both the franchisors and the investors/the franchisees in numerous ways. Moreover, if you have the zeal to work in this noble profession, then it is a wise option to get a playschools franchise in Mumbai; rather than starting one on your own.

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So, if you wish to open a playschool, go through the following steps to get a playschool franchise in Mumbai:

  • Firstly, prepare a list of all the playschools in Mumbai that offer franchise option. Then, choose the best from them and apply to become its franchisee.
  • Then, approach the Corporate Office of that playschool to pay the requisite franchise fee and sign the franchise agreement.
  • After signing the franchise agreement, you will be allowed to use the brand name of the franchise playschool and conduct the operations under its supervision.
  • Next, search for a suitable location to start your playschool. After finding the appropriate location, acquire an area of approximately 5,000-6,000 sq.ft, to set-up your playschool in Mumbai.
  • Now, start the construction process. For this, seek assistance from the franchisor with respect to constructing the playschool building as per the set norms and standards of the franchising playschool.
  • Once the construction process is over, the franchisor will help you to recruit the teaching and support staff. The trained professionals hired by the franchisor will help you not only with the recruitment but with the training of the staff as well.
  • Now, when you are through with the recruitment process, endorse your playschool. For this, the franchisor will assist you in promoting your school and help you to implement various marketing techniques such as hoardings, flyers, pamphlets, advertisements on radio and T.V. etc. Further, to make your brand known in Mumbai, it is advisable to continue the promotion for a considerable period of time.

Follow the aforesaid steps to get a playschool franchise in Mumbai. However, if getting playschools franchise in Mumbai seems a difficult and challenging task, it is advised to join hands with SHEMROCK Chain of Preschools. SHEMROCK is India’s oldest and most preferred preschool spread across India and Abroad with more than 285+  branches. The Chain of Preschools started the first successful franchise model in 1991. So, to reap the benefits as a SHEMROCK Preschool franchise, click on the tab given below to fill the Franchise Application Form.

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