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The Right Steps for Establishing a School in India

Establishing a school is a onetime investment which will fetch you profits for the rest of your life. However, you cannot flourish in this sector until and unless you know the right steps for establishing a school in India. Further, you need to have the right knowledge and aptitude towards this profession. Moreover, establishing a school in India is a wise decision because you can serve the society in the long run apart from earning assured profits.

Following mentioned are the steps for establishing a school in India:

  • Develop a Budget

The primary concern for setting up a school is to develop a budget and to determine the amount of investment. This is because determining a budget will give you a rough estimate of the amount of expenditure you will have to incur at various stages such as land acquisition cost, infrastructural expenses, promotional costs etc. Ideally, the amount of investment required to establish a school in India is Rs.1-2 crores (the amount may vary depending upon the location and type of school).

  • Ascertain Land Requirements

The next step is to look for a location fit for establishing a school in India. After selecting the location, you need to acquire the land for your school. Typically, an area of 1-2 acres is required to establish a school anywhere in India. This land area will be sufficient enough to accommodate the school building as well as a huge playground.

  • Obtain NOC

Once you have ascertained the land requirements, the next step is to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. It is essential to gain the NOC to gain the official possession of the land and start the construction process.

  • Start Construction

As soon as you obtain the NOC from the State Department of Education, start the construction process. Make sure, that the school Infrastructure is designed in such a way that it stimulates learning. Further ensure that your school necessarily consists of spacious classrooms, a library, a playground, gymnasium, auditorium and separate Science, Math & Computer labs with respective equipments.

  • Seek Affiliation

Remember that a school is known by the curriculum it offers and the recognition it holds. So, the next step is to seek affiliation from a recognized board of education. The most prominent school affiliation authorities in India are the CBSE, ICSE and State Boards of Education. However, CBSE is the apex institution that grants affiliation to both English and Hindi medium schools across the country. So, getting CBSE affiliation is a much better option.

  • Identify Your Faculty Requirements

Further, recruit qualified and well-trained teaching and support staff for your school. Your school must have a skilled faculty. So, do not leave this important task for the last minute and hire the best candidates for your school. For this, you may consult a placement agency which will help you to look for the suitable candidates for your school.

  • Promote your School

Last but not least, advertise your school in newspapers and journals to get it noticed. Only consistent and effective marketing techniques will help you to spread a word and grab the attention of the prospective parents. For this, you may even design a website and set up a mailing list to keep the interested parents in touch with your progress.


So, these are the right steps for establishing a school in India. Opening a school can open up the doors of fortunes and success. Fulfill your dreams through a school franchise.






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