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Shemrock on Twitter soon, Shemrock Tweets on Cellphone

Shemrock and Twitter to be integrated soon

As Shemrock is soon going to have a presence on Twitter, so we would suggest the parents of Shemrockites to have an account on Twitter. This will help them in getting the Twitter feeds on their cell phones as soon as a post is updated on the Shem Blog. Especially during these days, when all the parents are clamoring to be the first in the queue for Nursery Admissions in various schools, timely and prompt information is of immense value. This way, our Shemrockites will definitely have an edge over others.

How to be on Twitter?

  • Register your e-mail id on Twitter website by going to
  • After you have registered, you can follow any of the groups/users on Twitter by just checking on Twitter. Find the Shemrock Group and check the box of “Follow”. This way you will now have all the feeds that Shemrock posts on Twitter.

To Get Twitter Feeds( Tweets) on your cell phone:

  • Go to Settings in your Twitter account.
  • Proceed to the Devices tab there.
  • Add your cell phone number on which you want to receive updates.
  • Tick Check box allowing “Twitter Feeds on Cellphone”.



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